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My last trip to The Ostrich Farm left me feeling bored, thirsty and cheated, along with a nose full of dirt. The organisers of what I like to call “SCAMfest” have taken enough flack though. Luckily, my experience of RAMfest last weekend made up for everything, and then some. Unfortunately, being a weeknight and with a major test the next day, I was only able to stay until the end of Netsky’s set.

I’d never experienced a music festival that wasn’t specifically EDM orientated so, naturally, I immediately noticed the bearded, greasy-haired heavy metal junkies and their similar looking girlfriend and wives. It comforted me knowing that no matter how hot I got in my sawed off shorts, white t-shirt and slops, someone else would be suffering under shoulder length hair, leather boots and a black XL Slipknot t-shirt.

Unsurprisingly, I soon realised that no amount of mind-power was going to keep me cool. Just inside the gate I was greeted by a guy trying to sell me a tiny water bottle for R50 that entitled me to free filtered water for the day. To my utter disbelief, the water bottle was made of neither gold nor platinum and didn’t even come with WIFI, so I declined.

Much like that scene on Crematorium from The Chronicles of Riddick, I spent most of the morning and early afternoon hiding from the sun. Regular cold showers under the water drum and a couple drinks eventually gave me the courage to go check out some of the acts. Although I was keener to hang around the electronic, the fan favourites over at the main stage really didn’t disappoint, namely FOKOF and Taxi Violence. I’ll admit I didn’t have a clue who AWOLNATION was until a couple of weeks ago, but I was still eager to see them live. On the other hand, I am a massive Netsky fan so I planned on being at the electronic stage soon before his performance at 18:00. Sadly, AWOLNATION’s performance was well over half an hour late and by the time they came on I was already enjoying some Netsky.

When I first read the line-up I was surprised to see Netsky playing so early but they really couldn’t have chosen a better timeslot; the world’s best liquid funk, Darisson’s feel-good vocals and a typically African sunset; unforgettable.

Right, soppiness aside, in my opinion the entire festival was a resounding success. The organisers got the basics right; great entertainment, good facilities and speedy service but most importantly made a one day event feel like a true music festival. Awesome job guys, see you next year (but hopefully not on a weeknight…).

Joe Bloggs

(Thanks for the photo’s John!!! Check out John’s fanpage HERE)

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