After The Fez in Cape Town closed down, I was left in a bit of a rut about where to spend my Friday nights. Eventually I heard about this new club on the block, Dragon Room…

Located at 84 Harrington Street (yes 50m from The Assembly), the club fits in just where The Fez left off. This is mainly because most of the staff and the marketing team from The Fez have moved there. They have done a fantastic job in turning the club into what it is today. The first ever event at the club was the 5FM Love Sucks party (link to video below).

5FM Love Sucks at Dragon Room

The club features 2 dance floors, 3 bars (VIP and 2 normal), private booths, VIP tables, couches and more! The VIP area is above and  goes all the way around the main dance floor. This affords VIP’s to enjoy all the fantastic music without the bumps and drinks being spilt on you on the dance floor. The VIP area also extends behind the DJ box so if watching DJ’s is your thing then you are more than welcome to do that. 

Dragon Room has also taken it a step further and have included stage dancer throughout the night.

This is definitely my new favourite club on a Friday night in Cape Town. They could however work a bit on the air-con.

If you want guestlist for Dragon Room, check out The Fez facebook page and look for the link for the specific night.

Come and get #Dragonfaced every Friday with me!


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