On Saturday the 28th April 2012 en-route back to Cape Town from Swellendam, a UFO was spotted in the middle of the road.

I’m not one to believe any sob story about a “UFO sighting” but this time, I got it first hand! Yes, a friend spotted a UFO…

The person who snapped the picture was driving the car and reported that she swerved to avoid the object but when she looked back it was gone! I have looked for any evidence of Photoshop on this image and there is NONE. Even the date and time on the picture properties were accurate…

Are the Aliens coming? Share your thoughts below


  • megan

    Well it is 2012… If the world ends this year makes sense it would be them if the pic is real… They prob watched that movie 2012 and thought they would have to wipe out the whole of Africa so no one can park their boat in the drakensburg!!!

  • joe soap

    Lol, looks a lot like the back of a milk truck, the wide base would be caused by the night time blur, btw how was the person able to take the pic and be able to swerve

  • thedude

    I also want to know how this picture was taken! Noone just randomly takes out their camera or phone just cuz they see lights on the road (unless the lights came down out of the night sky)…

    A few more Q’s:
    1. Was it moving?
    2. Why does it look like a fort a toddler would build?

  • Tiki Toffie

    This is a fraud. it is not a UFO but it is a real photo. Let me explain.

    This photo was taken looking forward through the windscreen. The slightly darker area towards the center of the object is the rear view mirror. The lights in this mirror is a reflection of a vehicle approaching from behind. The lighter area around the rear view mirror is a reflection from the front windscreen of the lights shining on the rear windscreen. Poor contrast in this image can easily fool the eyes. Also don’t think the rear view mirror is too narrow. The cheap cell phone camera might have messed up aspect ratio of the image, maybe even by the up-loader.

    The photo is abused to do viral marketing of this unknown and obscure website.

  • Neelz

    @Tiki Toffie thanks for your comment however this photo is 100% real as you say. It was not taken in the rearview mirror as I know the person who took this…why would I use this as a viral marketing ploy? The cellphone which was used is a blackberry 8520 and the pic which has been uploaded is ORIGINAL… at least everybody has their own conspiracy theory 😉

  • Tiki Toffie

    Ok. Let’s rephrase my first line in the comm as follows…. I think I can provide an explanation of what I see. I can not say that I am 100% sure that I am correct.

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