After the massive Jessica Leandra debacle in which newspapers from all over the world got involved, there have been a string of other racial and abusive statements. The latest of them being this absolutely ridiculous statement by a very insubordinate and I would like to say uneducated person.

I did not comment about the whole Jessica Leandra incident as she is a good friend. I know she was SEVERELY in the wrong but it does not mean that people like this guy should be throwing abusive and intolerant statements around.

I hope that this guy is treated in the same way as Jessica and the other model were. In fact I hope to see a punishment much worse handed out to him!

  • Cheryl

    I reported the guy for abuse. WHO advocates rape?

  • Annoymous

    It would be unfair to say that the person is, “uneducated.” But, I may add; he is entitled to freedom of speech. How he uses it is entirely up to him.

  • Freedom of speech is a two way street. Sure, he can say what he wants to but he should be responsible with his words.
    Sometimes Twitter is just a platform for the bored, cold and lonely to get some attention and that’s exactly what this guy’s after.
    Yes, Jessica said something disgusting. But does it warrant rape with a broken beer bottle? That’s truly disgusting and wishing that upon another human being is uncalled for.
    Women obviously mean nothing to this gentleman. Rape isn’t a joke.

  • Kulcha

    Hi, the difference between Jessica and that guy is that she is a public figure and he not! She has to take responsibility for her actions in public. She was probably angry at the guy but she could’ve at least used another word to describe him instead of a racial word. As for this guys, he is a jerk for wishing that on her but he’s free to say whatever he wants.

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