As you all know (or should know by now) our lovely friends at Lovoka have sponsored The question on everybody’s mind is “Now that they’ve sponsored you, what’s in it for us?”. Hopefully this post will tell you a bit more about the partnership.

After a very good meeting with Lovoka midway through last week we have decided to get underway with the following:

1. Campaigns – These campaigns will be run on the ReviewMe and Lovoka Fanpages, Twitter as well as the ReviewMe website. The prize will be a Lovoka hamper. (I can’t tell you what the campaign is just yet, its being developed by Nano Social Media).

2. Reviewing – It was agreed that Lovoka doesn’t just want to be a brand that is associated with ReviewMe, but a brand which will be a part of the reviewing process. Expect reviews of hotels and events sponsored by Lovoka.

3. Giveaways – Over and above what has already been said, Lovoka will be sponsoring tickets to events to give away to you guys for reviewing purposes. This means that you will be a reviewer for a night! You like?

And there is more…

Lovoka together with ReviewMe will be putting together some AWESOME campaigns in which you can win some exciting package prizes. I can’t tell you more about this because you guys and us both enjoy the element of surprise!

Follow the action now:

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