When it comes to customer satisfaction it is not solely about the quality of the product(s) especially when the quality of the service plays such a vital role in ones perception of a brand. With all these discount vouchers available to us from multiple sources it takes that little something extra to make you want to go back to a particular vendor for more. When a business gets service right they deserve all the praise that comes their way as a result. 

Every now and again you will stumble upon places where it is not just the high quality products being used nor is it just the pride reflected in their work that makes them stand out above all the rest. I had a wonderful experience at Knightsbridge spa and it is thanks to their staff who without even having to try made a simple trip to the spa a truly relaxing and pleasant experience. 

Before you think I am an ‘easy to please customer’ I should tell that when they explained that certain treatments on the voucher were no longer available owing to the original spa closing down I felt a little cheated. That is the kind of information you disclose when someone makes a booking. Also, I requested an upgrade on my pedicure and was told I would have to pay a difference to make up for that, which I then agreed to. 

That aside, they confirmed my booking via email and text message without me having to follow up myself. When I arrived I was greeted by a warm smile from everyone present at the reception desk. Changing my express pedicure to a full pedicure meant that they had to reorganize so that they did not run in to the next clients time, but they made a plan to accommodate my request.


Every single treatment was wonderful and they even offered to give me disposable slippers to wear so that I did not ruin my pedicure by putting on my socks and boots. It really is the little things that count and those small gestures that make you want to go back and spend your hard earned money there.

For more details visit: http://www.knightsbridgespa.co.za/

Bronwyn May (@bronnmay)

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