Tasteful, delicious, creamy with a touch of alcohol. What more can you want from an alcoholic beverage? Supreme Cream is a new product on the market that offers a new and refreshing experience.

The product comes in a can which looks like your ordinary whipped cream can except it has been infused with 15% liqueur. The one criticism I do have about the packaging is the nozzle. You have to push it to the side for the cream to come out. I have seen on several occasions this nozzle actually breaking and then you are stuck with cream that you cannot get out of the can. Maybe they should try a push nozzle like most whipped cream cans have. 

My favourite flavour has got to be chocolate (it comes in four flavours: Vanilla, Chocolate, raspberry and Cherry…more to be released)! You can drink/eat it straight out of the can without mixing it with anything else! hmmm delish! However my favourite way to take Supreme Cream has got to be in the form of a shot I invented called a Smurf. You can get this at The Side Show (The Fez) in Cape Town. It is bubblegum tequila with Vanilla Supreme Cream on the top. 

For more info about where you can buy it visit: http://www.supremecream.co.za

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