It has been a long time coming but the return of Charlie Sheen has eventually arrived. His new show Anger Management starts just wear he left off with Two and A Half Men.

I managed to get hold of the first two episodes which were released last week and I must say I was ate impressed. It starts off with Charlie punching a little punching an inflatable man called Bobo saying “You can’t fire me, I quit! You want to replace me with some other guy? Go ahead! It won’t be the same!”. This scene takes place in front of his anger management class which he leads.

The show as I see takes the piss out of some of the Two and A Half Men characters and this can be seen in the bar lady in episode 2 who talks and acts just like Berta.


If you are missing Charlie in Two and A Half Men this this is for you! He has not changed his ways one little bit. The dirty, sexual and illustrious Charlie is at it again, but can he keep his anger under control with his divorced wife and child?

Let me know what you think!

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