Everybody waited in eager anticipation for the relaunch of the childhood favourite sweets, Rascals. The date which had the nation going crazy was 16 July 2012. This was confirmed as can be seen on the banner below.

Everybody dashed out to stores only to find out that no stores had the sweets. I heard about this so didn’t bother going to any stores until I saw this post below (which was later deleted).

I went to all those stores (except Mitchells Plain) and not one of them had stock. Makro even went as far to say that they didnt have it on their stock sheets and that they still needed to order them. I got on the phone with Mister Sweets JHB and was told to contact the CPT distributors. They then told me that the very stores I went into should have them (they did not, they even checked at the back). They quickly changed their story and then said it would be available tomorrow in the 2 Makro stores listed above…

Lets wait and see, feel free to voice your opinions


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