The refreshing part about meeting someone who is passionate about what they do is that their passion inspires you to look at things differently. Meet Minette, who is part of Wellness Select Gardens; she is conveniently situated in Gardens Centre on the lower level in the Wellness Warehouse store. Her extensive experience is evident by her professionalism and product knowledge and her words were “doing treatments is my passion.” The most rewarding part of her job is having satisfied customers. Skin Care is not something you simply shrug off until you start to see the signs of aging. Taking proper care of your exterior requires you to make use of the correct products for your skin type. If you are looking for someone to help you to look after your skin; someone who will advise you and give you the best advice they can then Wellness Select Gardens is the place for you. The best part is that it doesn’t necessarily have to break the bank.

Let’s be honest; skin care products are largely considered to be pricy and beauty treatments are considered to be a treat. I was shocked to see that there were natural products that cost as little as R200 a bottle. That is what many of us are paying for our average products per bottle these days and those would hardly be considered ‘the best of the best.’ The next time you need to go out and purchase your skin care products take note of how costly they have all become and perhaps go for something organic, which is better for your skin in any case. Treatments are still a treat, but they should be a treat with a cause and a result. Professional products are more concentrated and active and pampering yourself is a just reward we all deserve! With mini facials starting at R175 (30min Esse organic facial) and massages at R195 (30min Swedish back, neck and shoulder massage) you cannot go wrong. An up and coming treatment that is also available here is the Environ DF Facial (R450). The products used are chemical free and the DF treatment allows the Environ products to penetrate the skin a thousand times more than the products you are using at home. The advantage of deeper penetration is that the Environ products are then in contact with live skin cells, which can help to reduce the signs of aging.


I had to ask what the current trendy treatments are and they are Hollywood waxes (R165 Females only) and massages (see price list for more details).
Although, the treatment room is at the back of the Wellness Warehouse Store if you had brought me in blindfolded I never would have been any wiser. The room is tranquil and once Minette begins with your treatments you will forget where you are. She promotes utter relaxation as she knows how important that is. I am a firm believer in excellent service and building a relationship with clients as opposed to seeing them as cash cows. Any experience these days is not just about the products that one sells or how competitive ones prices are, but it’s also about how one can build relationships with ones clients. Minette will welcome you with a warm smile and go out of her way to make you feel comfortable and confident with the organic products she is using.

You can follow Minette on twitter @minettegardens where she offers beauty tips, advice and competitions for the Gardens branch ONLY. The products available here include: Organic Ocean/Absolute Organic, Dr.Hauschka, Environ, Esse Organic Skincare.


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