Wow. Where to start? Looks-wise, the Solo as long with other Beats headphones have the minimalistic and solid lines look to them, which brings me to the point of them being almost a status symbol and fashion accessory of sorts. The Solo range comes in black, purple, pink, dark blue, light blue, green, white and red. So you can see where the fashion accessory part comes into play. As stated on the Beats website, the Solo range is a lighter on-ear version of the studio product.

Monster’s Beats by Dr Dre is oozing in social status, superior build as well as sound quality. If you have a pair of Beats, you are the envy of everyone who knows what sound quality is. Upon fitting the Solo’s on my head, the earpiece cushions fitted onto my ears so comfortably (creating a “seal” effect very similar to the in-ear range, the Tour’s) which already has the power to put a smile on the users face. Even the cushion on the headpiece to the touch feels like it was made from unicorn skin – it’s fantastic, and has a grip which means you can  run, dance,  or even SKY DIVE without them sliding off. With regards to music quality, there is a perfect range from the low, right through to the high notes, and sounds good with every genre of music. Absolutely no fault in the crisp, clear sound quality and super low bass here.

Once you’ve torn the plastic off in a frenzy and opened the cleverly designed box, you will find your pride and glory. Also, you will find a double-male sound-jack cable, along with another, with an in-line volume adjuster and microphone, which is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod – which it is initially made for. Basically you have the luxury of deciding which cable you fancy more. Also, you get a neoprene travel pouch, which your headphones – in a very handy & convenient fashion – fold up and fit into. And last but certainly not least *drum roll* you get a Monster Clean Cloth to clean those pesky unsightly fingerprints on your brand new toy.


The Monster – Dr Dre collaboration is definitely a winner in this case. And as stated by Dr Dre himself, you hear what the artists hear.

This device will set you back: R 2 499

To buy this or for more info, walk (or run) into your nearest

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