First things first. The packaging idea of the MOS006 headphones looks like it was a good idea if it was to enter a packaging competition. But there are more flaps on the box than there should be. Secondly, MOS006? Giving products made by a world-renown company a name that sounds like a stock code, could prove rather confusing to the everyday consumer. Yes, I’m talking about YOU!

Alas, there are no surprises inside this oddly packaged box. You’ll be pleased to find a sound jack inside, other than headphones itself though. With regards to looks, these headphones look great, with a somewhat vintage spin on them, bearing some resemblance to the Nixon range of vintage over-ear headphones. Each earpiece bears the unmistakably recognisable Ministry of Sound insignia. Personally, the exposed screws holding the earpieces together are a bit of a downer to the design, making it have a very “Made in China” look to it. As for that “anti-tangle” cable, the coiled idea deserves its credit for keeping the cable length manageable, but it does and will tangle itself. Unfortunately there is no in-line volume adjustor at all. It’s all about what you see is what you get.


The headpiece is covered with a high-density foam which is rather comfortable and seats well on your noggin. The earpiece cushions also hug your ears with a sort of warm, welcoming suggestive cuddle to ease you into the sound that awaits. The sound quality is nothing short of great. Deep bass and good range through the notes. Definitely more crisp than I had first anticipated to be perfectly honest.

Not a bad effort by the folks from Ministry of Sound, but as my dad used to tell me after reviewing my report while I wait anxiously, “There is room for improvement.” Personally, I would probably end up buying myself a pair of MOS006’s if a pair of Beats by Dr. Dre weren’t on my budget, but the MOS006 name will haunt me for the rest of my days. Just for good measure, maybe head over to SPRINGBOK CASINO and win yourself some cash to buy a pair of these πŸ˜‰

Tech Specs:

– iPod/iPhone mp3 compatible.

– Rubberised anti-tangle coiled cable.

– 3.5mm Gold plated jacks.

– Sensitivity: 103db

This device will set you back: R499

To buy this or for more info, walk (or run) into your nearest

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