Don’t be fooled by the candy wrapper styled packaging. These earphones are the panda bears of the in-ear world of earphones. Unpackage these bad-boys and hook them up to whatever it is you’re rocking – iPhone, iPad, iPod, anything – and start off on low or half volume, because the Kandies on full power will probably shake loose that long-lost forgotten Bio lesson from school (this was a long time ago for me) and make you remember it.

The female figure on the packet the Kandies come in are quite glam-rock-esque. Pretty cool design. The earphones come in many assorted colours, and are quite affordable so you can buy a few pairs with a choice to mix and match to fit your wardrobe for the day if that is what you’re all about. If you’re the type to want to listen to your music, but aren’t bothered by big name brands or paying what could buy you and your boss lunch for a pair of headphones, then this is for you. Either that or you need to run to a shop to buy some earphones for the plane, you won’t have to fork out half your savings buying earphones.

The Kandies might not look like much, but don’t judge a book by its cover. All the quality is inside. A gold-plated 3.5mm sound jack, awesome grippy rubber cable and comfortable fitting earpieces ensure an above average listening experience. The only down-side to the loudness of the Kandies would be that they aren’t fitted with little rubber earpieces, which means everyone within a 50km radius can hear what you’re listening to. Luckily for them they’ll be listening to good music…whether they like it or not!

In closing, hats off to Hed Kandi for these little rockers. Definite bang for buck here. A recommended buy.

Tech Specs:

– 3.5mm Gold plated jack.

– Sensitivity: 103db.

– Cable length: 1.3m.

This device will set you back: R99

To buy this or for more info, walk (or run) into your nearest

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