It has been reported that part of the scaffolding outside the stadium has collapsed at the Linkin Park concert in Cape Town.

An eye witness has reported that the scaffolding blew over due to the high winds in the area.

There are reports that there is lots of blood but paramedics are on the scene. Please get in touch with any friends/family to make sure they are OK.

There are about 20 people injured with 6 people critical.

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Update on scaffolding collapse at Linkin Park concert at Cape Town Stadium

The City of Cape Town and Big Concerts confirm that twenty concert attendees were injured at the Cape Town Stadium this evening when a temporary scaffolding structure in the Stadium precinct collapsed due to high winds.

The City’s Emergency Services, including doctors, paramedics and Disaster Risk Management staff assisted immediately. The injured were treated on scene and have been taken to nearby hospitals for further medical attention.

The incident occurred at approximately 18h55 when high wind speeds caused the collapse of a temporary scaffolding structure. The temporary structure was a branding activation, located adjacent to the Stadium forecourt on the Cape Town CBD side of the venue.

The structure had been pre-approved and certified safe, by structural engineers prior to the event.

The remainder of the structure was dismantled and the commanding officer at the Venue Operations Centre declared the event site safe shortly afterwards.

The Stadium gates were re-opened to concert attendees. The concert is going ahead as planned.

All necessary support is being provided to those injured.

  • mel

    What a load of bs haha looks like somebody is sour they did not get to go to the lp concert…awwwww poor baby

  • Matt litkie

    Go get fucked Mel that’s the shitiest thing you could ever say! Disgusting!

  • Phil

    Mel your a low Human Being. You should be ashamed… Thats now beside the point… Looking at that Scaffolding the safety engineers did not do a very good job, aswell as the scaffolding company need to train their staff on how to secure a Scaffolding by actually anchoring it correctly into Cement Feet and Tie downs.

  • mike

    it’s not either linkin park’s fault or their fan’s fault, those whoever built the stage are nasty people, coz they were using the shit material, and of course phil you’re right on the spot, sure enough the safety engineers did not do a very good job. mel, it’s really inappropriate, imagine if you are one those who were injured! ps: love LP{{

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