Ever since I fell in love with No Beef I desperately wanted to be in the presence of the creator of that magical hit. There is something about that particular song that makes me want to move. I figured that whoever produced that must have a number of quality tracks and I was right. Ever since then I have been enthralled by his music and crazy stage antics. Although, I will always love my bubble-gum pop I feel as though I have stumbled upon a whole new world…

When I heard that Steve Aoki was going to be in South Africa I made sure that I got my hands on some tickets. All jobs have their perks and one of the perks of mine is that I am able to attend some brilliant events. The Steve Aoki concert just happened to be one of those events. With all the excitement it is possible that perhaps I had these great expectations and when you have expectations it is easy to be let down.

First of all, you cannot blame the organiser’s for the people who attend the event. What I can say is that you stand in a line and wait your turn; you do not shove through people and try to walk over them. That goes for entering the venue, standing in line for drinks and standing in line for the bathroom. We are all going to end up at the same place. What I can blame the organiser’s for is not organising a designated media VIP area. Drinks were extremely over-priced with a Double Vodka and Red Bull costing R64! When you have a captive market you are practically milking them. The sound…well, it’s Thunder City! As far as the venue is concerned, I have to say that it kind of works even though the sound quality was not the best.

Now that we have the sour grapes out of the way I can tell you that while I was a little let down the redeeming factor was that he played my song. That is correct; MY SONG. I got to dance to No Beef while Steve Aoki stood on stage doing his thing. He may have played a few of his less mainstream songs during his set, but it was as if he had heard my little prayer. I have watched a few of his videos and how crazy he can be on stage and what I saw was bubbly being popped and poured all over; cake be thrown on to people and finally, the epic stage dive in to the blow up boat. I have respect for the man. He played a set in Durban earlier that evening and headed back to Cape Town to show us a good time.


All in all it was good night. No, it was a great night.

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