So what comes to mind when I say wireless wipes? Yes, wet wipes for your devices. That is exactly what these nifty little things are.

I got all 3 variants of the range to try out. I must say, they smell fantastic. The alcohol smell is a bit overpowering but there is no smell left behind on your device. The 3 different variants are: Pomegranate Citrus, Rosemary Peppermint and Green Tea Cucumber. When you purchase them, you can choose which scents you would like or get a combination of all 3. Each pouch consist of 12 wipes which means that you get 36 wipes if you buy the 3 pack. Each pack is completely resealable which keeps the freshness of the wipes inside. iPad cable

Why Wireless Wipes?


  • They scrub away bacteria
  • Leaves a very minimal yet fresh scent
  • Safe for any exterior of devices
  • No blotting of streaking[/arrowlist]

Wireless Wipes are easy and fun to use. The only downside I found was that it does leave behind some of the fibres of the material but can be wiped away with a dry cloth. I even used these wipes to clean my iPad cable which looked as good as new once it was cleaned. iPad

The Pricing is as follows:

3 Pouches = R165 (R55 per pouch)

6 pouches=R300 (R50 per pouch)

12 pouches=R570 (R47.50 per pouch)

24 pouches=R1080 (R45 per pouch)


Where can you get Wirelesss Wipes

They are available at iStores throughout South Africa. You can also purchase them via their website

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PS. Please don’t get confused and wipe your babies bottom with these 😉

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