You only have to walk through the familiar golden arches of one of the 34 000 restaurants in 119 countries across the globe to appreciate the delicious McDonald’s experience you have come to recognise and enjoy.


From the Burbur Ayam McD (chicken porridge) in Malaysia to the McDonald’s McPinto (national dish made with seasoned rice and black beans) in Costa Rico, McDonald’s is also known for successfully localising their global menus to answer the demand of local tastes, with a distinctive McDonald’s twist.


Now McDonald’s South Africa is bringing the ‘Tastes of the World’ home with the launch of their limited edition premium beef sandwich range.


Between 3 June and 25 August 2013 McDonald’s will take you on a ‘taste trip’ around the world when they introduce three delectable big burgers with exotic flavours to suit a variety of preferences. As with McDonald’s current choice of beef burgers the ‘Tastes of the World’ burgers contain 100% pure beef patties with individual mouth-watering influences and delicious toppings inspired by countries from around the globe.


Each burger will be available, nationally, for a limited period of four weeks at a time (or while stocks last). South African’s will then have the opportunity to savour the different taste experiences before getting a stamp in their ‘Tastes of the World’ passport and moving on to the next flavour explosion.


During the first McDonald’s ‘Tastes of the World’ stop-over, South African’s can enjoy the fiery jalapeno and spicy hot sauce flavours of Mexico. Two 100% pure beef patties smothered in two fiery sauces (spicy hot and jalapeño sauces) with grilled onions, fancy lettuce, tomato and a slice of creamy cheese top off The Mexican.

The second stop ventured to Texas where fans could experience the delicious taste of a 100% pure beef patty and a crispy hashbrown covered in jalapeño & BBQ sauces – before moving on to the third and final stop

Mexican Burger

Texan Burger

For a sneak peek into where the other two exciting flavours originate from visit Facebook ( or Twitter ( and discover where McDonald’s next stop will be?


McDonald’s South Africa restaurants are all Halaal certified and offers a full product range to suit all needs.


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