Have you ever been to a new place on holiday and all of a sudden someone breaks their arm, falls sick or (heaven forbid) gets attacked by a zombie? Now it’s time for find a Doctor (if you are still alive) but you have no idea who or where to call. This is where GetaDoc comes in. The website is simple and easy to navigate so finding a Doctor for your special need is as easy as 1, 2, ouch!

getadoc logoGetaDoc aims to revolutionize the doctor patient relationship, allowing patients to search for their doctors by location, gender, spoken languages and medical aid plans accepted. Once you’ve selected your search criteria, they give you a list of practitioners that suit your needs. You can then look through the list and further vet your practitioners. You have access to full Professional Profiles which include:

  • Pictures
  • Professional Statements highlighting the practitioner’s strengths
  • A rating out of 5 starts from previous patients
  • Reviews from previous patients
  • The practitioner’s educational and professional background

With this information, you are able to find a practitioner that suits you, someone you can build a long term medical relationship with.

Once you have selected a practitioner, booking is a breeze. Simply click the appointment slot that best suits you on the schedule on the practitioner’s profile, follow the 3 easy steps and they’ll confirm in minutes. You can even do the booking telephonically!!!

You’ll receive email confirmations of all your appointments, as well as reminders on the day of your appointment! The best part is that it’s absolutely FREE; patients do not pay to use the service!!

With a wide range of practitioners; from dermatologists to psychologist, acupuncturists to plastic surgeons, you’ll definitely find a practitioner to suit your needs and give you the care you deserve.

GetaDoc is the easiest way to find a doctor and book an appointment.

Check out GetaDoc NOW: www.getadoc.co.za

Twitter: @getadoc

Facebook: /Getadoc

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