This has been a long time coming and things are still busy being finalised with sponsors but in the mean time I decided to get the ball rolling…

ReviewMe has become a well known name in the blogging industry causing controversy at times but mainly just being AWESOME! Now we are giving you the chance to become part of the ReviewMe crew and put the phrase “Enjoy the Experience” to the test.

This will also see the return of the infamous ReviewMe Magazine! Yes it is about time that things started changing around here. The magazine will be jam packed with reviews, interesting content, a cover girl/guy and much much more!

If you are chosen to be involved with ReviewMe, you will be rewarded in the form of products, event tickets and other cool incentives which we are busy working on at the moment!

We are looking for people in one of the following 3 categories:

[accordion title=”Cover Girl/Guy” id=”cover”]We are looking for the finest cover girls/guys to grace our magazine front each month. You will be required to send in some images as well as do an interview for the magazine. This is a sure way to gain some exposure in the social media industry and get your name out there![/accordion]

[accordion title=”Writer” id=”writer”]We are looking for some of the best writers with good social media followings. You should apply for this position if you are good at writing short but impactful articles that will keep readers interested. We will also take into consideration how strong your social media following is.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Promoter” id=”promoter”]Do you think you are an opinion leader? Well then this is what you should be applying for. We will be looking for people with BIG Twitter and Facebook followings who are opinion leaders to help promote the ReviewMe brand.[/accordion]

Please fill out the form below according to the category which you are applying for!

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