Pixel, Phone by Google…

Google launched their new Pixel and Pixel XL smart phone yesterday. The only difference between the phones, is the size and resolution of the screens. The 5″ has a 1080p and the 5.5″ Quad HD panel. The new Pixel Imprint, is a finger sensor on the back of the phone which allows you to scroll and swipe to access your notifications. If your battery is dead, not a problem, Pixel charges super fast, 7 hours worth of battery in 15 minutes fast.


Google Assistant

Pixel will be the first phone to have google assistant built into it. With assistant, you can have normal conversations and responses and Google will find you their most accurate answers.


The Camera

The Pixels’ camera..

“It’s the highest rated smartphone camera anyone has ever made”-Google

It has a 12.3MP camera, with an f/2.0 aperture. The camera also takes really good pictures in low and bright light. There is also the “Smartburst” option to take pictures at rapid-fire so you don’t miss out on any of the action and you can choose your favorite picture later.


Pixel also has the unique feature of updating and installing your new software in the background so that you can carry on with whatever you’re doing, no more waiting around for 5 minutes for your phone to update.

Guess what.. Cellucity has the Pixel available for pre-order…Simply click the image below to do so.


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