The most Instagram-ready coffee you’ll ever order…

What’s better than a waffle cone and coffee….. Coffee in a cone, yes people thats right, Cape Town is about to get its very own dose of the great David Levinrad’s ingenious and “eco-friendly” Coffee in a Cone.

David Levinrad, owner of The Grind Coffee Company in Johannesburg, decided to introduce/ launch this idea after working in a number of countries overseas as a coffee consultant.

David Levinrad’s invention was recently named the “Most Instagrammable Coffee in the World” becoming a viral and international sensation.

The cones are made fresh everyday with the outer layer being the waffle cone and the inner being a combination of 4 different chocolates to withstand the heat.

Places that currently have “coffee in a cone” are…

  • Cup and Cake at Eden on the Bay (Cape Town)
  • Jarryd’s  Eatery (Cape Town)
  • Love Cake Cafe in Tygerberg (Cape Town)
  • I Love Coffee in Claremont (Cape Town)
  • Urban Angel Café (Johannesburg)
  • Foghound (Johannesburg)
  • Fixies Deck (Pretoria)
  • Chocolat et Café (Pretoria)
  • Royal Coffee Roasters (Johannesburg)
  • Circus Circus Beach Café (Durban)
  • Café 2 U (Johannesburg)
  • Brewtown Coffee (Johannesburg)

Tell us what you think about “coffee in a cone”…

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