The Logitech K400 Plus is more than a keyboard, or lapboard, but rather a fully capable external multimedia center control-board!

The sleek design, reminiscent of the K400, increases the overall functionality of the keyboard by allowing full control control their computer, smart television and multimedia centers from the comfort of their couch or bed!

The keyboard comes in two designs: slate grey with yellow accents and white with teal accents.

The right and left-click buttons below the trackpad click in an audible fashion, but not so loud so as to be obnoxious and annoying. The touchpad does not click at all – however you can use the touchpad as the left-click function. We found that this touchpad was highly accurate and, thankfully, the right-hand positioning of the touchpad allowed for no accidental touches when typing on the keyboard.

The lip design at the back of the keyboard makes holding the device in two hands easier than ever before. Use your right hand thumb to navigate and your left hand thumb to make use of the top left left-click button. The functionality this allows cannot be exaggerated as it makes searching for movies, drag-and-drop and browsing social media incredibly easy!

The keyboard is made out of plastic which does not sound like a premium feel, but do not let this fool you. The keyboard feels amazing!

Logitech K400 Plus (white / teal) comparison to the Logitech K400

As expected; Logitech didn’t stop there! There are 12 function keys ranging from F1 to F12. Once you get used to these simplistic 12 function keys; they will allow for full control of your media with the touch of a button here and there!

The smallest improvements are sometimes the most important and right near the end of our test of the Logitech K400 Plus I found the most important improvement of all! The predecessor – K400 – saw the ‘PC power’ button being placed slightly to the right of the accented left-click button at the top of the keyboard. My experience of this was that instead of selecting the file you had been searching for, for almost an hour, you would often accidentally click the ‘PC power’ button and turn your computer, laptop or media center completely off! The Logitech K400 Plus improved on this build by placing the ‘PC power’ button in an isolated position next to the delete key and made the ‘PC power’ only operational as a function. Unless you hold FN and press the button; nothing happens!

Overall; the user experience of the Logitech K400 Plus is nothing short of amazing! Keeping in the mid-range price point while improving on the, already fantastic, Logitech K400 – I think we have a winner with the Logitech K400 Plus!

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