Kingsmen: The Golden Circle

Finally, The trailer for the sequel to Kingsman, Kingsmen: The Golden Circle has been released. The trailer also debuts some of the new cast… namely, Channing Tatum (Agent Tequila) , Halle Berry (Ginger), Pedro Pascal (Agent Whiskey) and Juliane Moore (Poppy) join the existing and thankfully returning cast of Taron Egerton (Eggsy), Colin Firth (Harry) and Mark Strong (Merlin).

In the two-minute trailer, we are given a small idea of whats going to transpire throughout the movie. Eggsy watches the Kingsmen headquarters being blown up, he meets his new secret services parallels as the movie partially takes place in America which introduces us to the gun slinging Statesmen and, the encounter with his old mentor Harry (Colin Firth rocking an eyepatch like Nick Fury) who was presumed dead at the end of the original movie in 2014.

Judging by the trailer and how suave Taron Egerton looks in his orange suit, I’m willing to say that Kingsmen might just give the James Bond Series a run for their money. Kingsmen adds the character, gadgetry, classic UK built cars, action, grit and even the whole “gentlemanly” approach of the characters, gives the feeling of what the old (and good) James Bond movies used to stand for.

Matthew Vaughn never fails to give us an action packed teaser with a lot of tension to get his audience going. Maybe The Golden Circle will be able to break the $415 Million mark the original did.

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