Wicount, otherwise known as wecount is a business which specialises in the acquiring of limited time offers from events, restaurants and activities and selling them at a discounted rate to the public. The words “We” and “Discount” were joined together to form Wecount. However, Wecount was already taken so they had to settle for Wicount (which in my opinion was based slightly on the Nintendo Wii concept).

I found Wicount on Facebook a couple of months ago and decided to investigate how they work, what they do and pretty much just seeing what kind of deals they offer. To my disappointment they were only covering the Johannesburg area at the time but as of Monday (29th Nov) Wicount was launched in Cape Town. They are currently in the process of launching in Pretoria and Durban which can be seen on their website.

So how does Wicount actually work?

Well Wicount works on a principal called “social buying”. “Social buying” is a concept in which you can get what you want a significantly discounted rate. So for instance if you click “Buy” on the Wicount website, you form part of this “Group” of people who are also buying the same product which in return gets you a discounted rate. This, however, only comes into play once the tipping point is reached. Wicount has a policy that you will only be charged once this tipping point is reached. They also work in a way that everyday there will be a new offer. This ensures that the site isn’t overcrowded with too many choices for buyers but rather a select few choices which enables specificity (I find this very clever).

My experience with Wicount

As they say at Wicount “together we count”. I took this into my own hands and had the privilege of receiving a R100 promotional coupon which I in turn used to buy myself something on Wicount for the Cape Town area. I was pleasantly surprised at their quick and efficient service. I received a confirmation immediately when I clicked “Buy” and once the tipping point had been reached I received my voucher instantaneously. I then decided, that same day, to go to the restaurant and redeem my voucher. I arrived at the restaurant and the manager was very excited as I was his first Wicount client.

So guys it really is that simple. If you are into getting things at discounted rates then why not do yourselves a favour and have a look at what Wicount has to offer. From Massages to romantic dinners, Wicount has exactly what you are looking for. If you are reading this and own a business and want it to be on Wicount, all you need to do is go onto their website and contact them.

Stop reading now and go do the right thing…Get yourself a Wicount!!


Interesteing Facts:

Website: www.wicount.co.za

BBM Pin: 228006C8

Wicount was derived from the famous Transylvanian Count Wi

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