From the first roar of this album to the last time Kesha wants to eat someone up, I think it is evident that Kesha needs a new career choice. After her debut album in January 2010 (which I must say was not perfect) one would’ve thought that she would’ve made significant improvements to become a world class singer. Instead she created “Cannibal” which, from the front cover, seems like she is schizophrenic.

The main hit on this album is allegedly the 2nd track “We R Who We R”. The jerkily put together track is anything but satisfying. If I had to hear this in a club I would hope that is when I am in the bathroom and just finishing off a long relieving session and just shaking off. Kesha completely missed the boat with this song and really needs to take a good look at what the future has in store for her.

In the usual Kesha style she sing-talks her way through most of this album while at the same time displays her trailer trash and sleazy lyrical style. Her track “Sleazy” is more than meets the ear with its big bass beats and handclaps. She informs the listener in this song that the beat is going to make her cum but then later after a slight pause she reveals “ your place” (she’s just so intelligent :P). Her track “C U Next Tuesday”, which sounds like a Mario Bros rip-off, is probably one of the more relaxed songs on the album. The track’s title is, however, very ironic as you will see in the following paragraph.

The rest of an album is just as poor as the first three songs. The highlight of this album I found was the song titles. Titles such as “Grow A Pear” (GAP) and “C U Next Tuesday” (I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that one) provide a clear example of just how “Sleazy” and “Animal” like Kesha really is. Some may think of these titles as ironic, others as offensive but all I know is that if Kesha has to do something clever it will be quitting the music industry and finding a new path in life.

If there are some DJ’s out there reading this I think you should consider trying to remix “The Harold Song” with Katty Perry’s “Teenage Dream”. The songs are so similar that you might even mistake Kesha for singing “Teenage Dream”.

All in all I have no idea what makes Kesha so popular as with most pop singers it is the pop star within(which Kesha has none of) which makes them popular. Kesha’s sleazy attitude and sexuality would drive any teenager’s parents up the wall. In my opinion “Cannibal” was a sore excuse for an album that Kesha put together just before the Christmas season so that it would sell. It seems like Kesha’s 60 seconds of fame is nearing its end and very quickly at that.

Will you bring out the “Animal” in you and buy this?


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