The Coca-Cola Dome in Johannesburg is hosting the most recent international fashion sale. Not being a fashionista is probably an advantage at an event like this, so what follows is not high fashion tips and trends, just my review of the event.

At 5:30 in the afternoon on the second day, according to some sources, the lull seems to have lasted all day. It’s clear from the prices that most exhibitors have come here with the intention of disposing of their stock as aggressively as possible, with specials being called out in the hall. Other exhibitors have come with premium pricing on unknown brands. The spoils will go to the savvy exhibitors while the un-savvy will get to take their stock back home.

They have fashion shows every few hours. They, however, lack a raised runway and the models are as expected, plastic and seemingly lifeless. The lack of a raised catwalk, makes the whole show seemingly redundant. I can’t decide what is more depressing, the rigid smiles on the faces of the models, or the bored expressions on the spectators.  The music however is not too bad. The models at least were wearing some interesting shoes (even if they really struggled to walk on them).

My overall impression is one of a manic flea market with designer labels, and a growing trend among South Africans of ignoring exhibitions. A brief encounter with a surly security guard, provides some insight into why South Africans choose to stay at home and shop online. Security personnel in ill fitting golf shirts notwithstanding, after 7:00 PM the crowd seemed to increase in density, with more people keen to find bargains, some traders had also in the same spirit started to offer special pricing to encourage buying.

In an among all this I sneaked off and bought a few pairs of shoes my wife had oohed and Aahed over to surprise her.

I’m totally avoiding commenting on fashion and style, until I see some.

Toni G

Some Deets you may find handy:

Running From 31st March – 3rd April 2011
The Coca Cola Dome
10am – 10pm Thu-Sat, 10am – 8pm Sun
Tickets @ R60 Each

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