If ever you wanted to go to the movies just for the popcorn, then this is the perfect film for you to go and waste your time on. The acting is as bad as the script and the story line is abysmal. As far as the characters go the most interesting and fleshed out character is the grandmother. The rest of the cast are no deeper than a puddle. There is no character development really and there is no build up of tension either. If you do dare to watch it I am sure you will work out the plot way before the credits roll.

I have heard campfire stories scarier than this film. When you see the cover you think you are about to watch a terrifying horror or at least a thriller that is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat, but do not be surprised if you walk out the cinema wishing you could have a cute little wolf like that one. A good scary movie will have you blocking your ears and closing your eyes and unfortunately, Red Riding Hood did not deliver.

The best qualities of this film are the costume and the set designs. If the story line had been more gripping it would have worked incredibly well. The eerie forest sets the perfect tone for the film only to be destroyed by poor acting from some of the cast. Catherine Hardwick may have had a great vision and although it is great to have a directing style that is specific to you, the film screams Twilight, from the wolf to the slow motion frolicking in the woods.

Is it a love story or is it a horror? If the love triangle is meant to throw you off the scent of the who the wolf is, better luck next time. Do not be deceived by the big names such as Gray Oldman and Amanda Seyfried although they played their roles without fault. That is a clever marketing ploy to trick people in to believing that this film has to be worth a watch. As far as Red Riding Hood goes I think the fairytale is far scarier than this film. It is one of those movies where all the good parts have been put in the trailer to deceive people!

Bronwyn May

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