In South Africa we take stepping stones to get to where we want to be with regards to drunk driving. What we really should be doing is taking a leap to prevent any kind of driving under the influence. Who of you have never climbed in the car with a drunk driver before knowing full well the driver was drunk or under the influence of other drugs? Who of you have never climbed behind the wheel when you are under the influence before? Who of you have told your friends you are not over the limit and you are perfectly fine to drive when you are not? Who of you out there do not know of someone who has passed away in a tragic accident as a result of people driving under the influence?

We are so desensitised by the media that we do not take our own actions seriously. If you think what happens on television and in the movies is what life is all about then when reality hits you will be in for a crude awakening. How many times do we have to be told ‘do not drink and drive?’ Yet people still do it. Do you want to be responsible for the death of your friend who trusted you to get them home safe; Someone’s sibling; someone’s child; someone’s mother or father; someone’s love of their life? What if it was someone close to you? Do you think sorry should forgive your actions when you know there are consequences? You have to learn to forgive yourself and live with the fact that you took the life of another human being because why… you simply did not have the sense to call a cab to take you home instead of driving. If you think forking out R200 is too much to prevent killing someone then I do not believe anyone will ever get through to you.

How many people take heed of the legal alcohol limit enforced by law? An ex-policeman told me once that he stopped a girl at a road block and he could see she was wasted but she opened her legs, had no underwear on and he took a look and let her drive off. I know people who were stopped over new years and they were drunk. They just paid a R140 bribe and drove off. I know of a person who was so drunk and she blew in to a faulty breathalyzer which cleared her to go through the road block. I know of people who have rolled their car on the highway; one lived the other is dead. I know of people who have driven in cars with out of control drunk drivers who are either dead or paralysed. Do you?

Stop living in a dream where no harm can come to you or the people around you. Seeing as though people do not take the time to read and images do not shock anymore, maybe it is possible that watching the effects of drunken driving in a video will make people realise they are NOT INVINCILBLE.

…so you think you’re invincible?

Don’t Drink and Drive…


Bronwyn May (@BronnMay)

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