You don’t have to brush your teeth – just the ones you want to keep.  ~Author Unknown

As most privileged people have – I have been brushing my teeth for many, many years. This gives me a small amount of wisdom in life – especially in the commercial toothpaste department.  If you’re someone who values a healthy smile (and don’t have a set-in-stone old-faithful toothpaste brand), I’m you would have tried numerous pastes over the years. There was always a range – foam toothpaste, cherry toothpaste, sensitive toothpaste, granular toothpaste and even liquid toothpaste but most of all whitening toothpaste.

Whitening toothpaste – for what is worse than a foul, yellow mouth full of dead gums and rotting teeth? Without spending probable billions in getting your teeth bleached like the celebs – we plebs tend to take the easy way out using whitening strips, gel and most inexpensively – toothpaste.

Up until recently, the toothpastes have yet to deliver and I’d come to the conclusion that all they did was add R3 to the price and hope our imaginations would do the rest. Although I cannot prove myself wrong I can introduce the one, the only toothpaste (of yet) to actually whiten as it says it may….

TheraMed 2in1 is quirky brand sold at Pick n Pay etc and is slightly fantastic in the fact that it is less dense, more liquidy therefore allowing you to use it as a mouthwash and/or a toothpaste. Plus it comes in a rad bottle. The range is wide and having found them awhile ago I’d slowly worked my way through quite a few of the range. They all leave you minty for longer than most and are not overly expensive at approx. R25.

White Booster promises “Immediate whitening after 1st brushing” and low and behold – it seemed to work. I had a noticeable pearly film covering and protecting my teeth.  It boasts a two times Whitening and Anti-bacterial action and uses an optical lighting effect.

Other TheraMed 2in1 toothpastes that I’ve used and could find around the house include a Whitening (Stain Removal) toothpaste visible in 10 days , a 3D Clean targeting teeth, gums and tongue with complete protection and a POWER Clean & White with polishing silica for a professional dentist clean feeling. I’ve been impressed with all but so far the (blue) White Booster has been my favourite and it seems my imagination likes it best too….

So, if you would prefer pearly whites to plaque-ey yellows – go discover the TheraMed 2in1 brands and understand the meaning of clean teeth 😉

Robyn Smith (@robynleasmith)

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