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I was browsing the internet and found out that Rascals are coming back to SA! Yes those small tiny balls of delicious goodness are returning πŸ˜€

The relaunch date has been set for 16 July Nationwide. They are being brought back by Mister Sweet and hopefully they will taste just as good and that they come out in the “sour” variant as well.

Follow them on Twitter: @RascalsSA when you tweet use the hashtag “RascalsReturn”

Like them on Facebook: RascalsSA

Rascals available here so far:

β€’ Makro Ottery
β€’ Makro Milnerton
β€’ Pick n Pay Kenilworth Centre
β€’ Pick n Pay Cape Gate
β€’ Pick n Pay Towns Centre Mitchells Plain
β€’ Pick n Pay Plattekloof

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  • Cant wait! Rascals are the BOMB!!!! πŸ™‚ The inner kid inside of me is going nuts right now!!!!

  • Monique

    I have missed these lil’ sweets sooo much !!! can’t wait to by some packets πŸ™‚

  • Amy

    Apparently some shops have no clue what people are talking about regarding the return of Rascals. Some shops dont have stock at all and will probably only receive & distribute at the end of the month….. I wouldn’t hold my breath if i was you……………. Totally bummed tho. πŸ™

    • shaveena

      You will find it in clicks Yay!!

  • Jacques vd Vyver

    Manly tears were shed. I await your return with open arms!

  • Angela

    NEED Rascals in Durban PLEASE!!!

  • Loki

    Dont get excited! they dont taste anything like the old Rascals! they taste like skittles….

  • Rascals Sweet Returns….! Omh this is a comeback! Jeez can’t wait…

  • Lee

    They are also available At pick n pay ramsgate or margate not sure but bought the box .

  • Sean

    These are a disgrace to rascals, this is more like a skittles come back

  • Ronelle Meiring

    Hi Cindi,

    My seun is 24 jaar oud , hy werk en bly in Dubai . Hy het met my geskype en gevra of ek nie asb vir hom Rascals kan koop en dit vir hom na Dubai toe stuur nie.

    Ons bly in Langebaan Weskaap, ek het die hele Langebaan, Vredenburg omgewing plat geloop ek kan dit nerens kry nie.

    Kan jy my dalk help ek vra baie mooi.

    Baie baie dankie.

    Hoop om gou van jou te hoor.

  • Chantal

    Nothing like the ones I remember.

  • Craig

    How many packets are in a box?

  • Linda

    Finally got my hands on a packet of rascals, what a joke! They don’t look, smell or taste anything like the original Rascals. Has anyone and Mr Sweet ever tasted a Rascal in their life? Wow, what a major major disappointment.

  • Lukes

    dont waste your time the original was made by beacon this is fong kong crap of mister sweet.if u want the same taste try skittles instead

  • Vishal

    Its not bad , but it doesnt taste the same , and they made it much smaller. Use to be nice and round but not , well there is no shape to it, and to get the taste of the flavour u need to put a couple in your mouth.

  • Con

    Want the real rascal flavour.

    Take a shot of Amaretto and a shot of Lime
    First pour half the shot of Lime in your mouth, then the Amaretto, then the rest of the Lime. Mix it around and swallow.

  • Kershree

    Anyone thinking of buying this product….. DON’T!!!

    It’s a fake… You will be much happier with the memories of the original Beacon Rascals then eating this….

    • Joseph

      Just because you think it’s fake DOESN’T MEAN no one should like it! People have their own opinions!

  • rurouni

    Tastes nothing like the old rascals, what a bunch of bull

  • Dion

    Eish, just had a packet of skittles… out of this world!!! im getting another pack!

  • Joseph

    Can someone tell me the flavours of Rascals?

  • Jason

    This is not what i expected. Does not taste near the same as the previous edition. The flavors are just not the same. And what about the sour edition?

  • Jason

    i def agree with Rurouni and Kershree. I know exactly how they should taste as i was part of the manufacturing team who made them. The old Warner Lambert in Ottery Cape Town.

  • kez

    these new rascals are nice but nothing like the old ones i remember from when i was younger. i was quite disappointed to say the least. πŸ™

  • pink

    these are not the rascals. they are skittles. who used to make the original rascals.. check the advert on youtube 1993. I want those to come back, who do we contact for the real rascals.. these are not rascals.. at all. please if any one knows who used to make rascals, we can maybe phone them.. I don’t think mr sweets used to make the original south African rascals. So sad! I was so excited, and then so disappointed!!

  • pink

    yes, it taste like fruity cleaning detergents

  • BRAD

    They are definitely a disgrace. Tastes more like a less flavoursome version of skittles. Disappointiing!!

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