I was on the net and spotted this new track by a Jock I’ve never heard of in my life before. Enter Dirk van der Westhuizen. I really don’t know what this testosterone fueled jock was thinking trying to incorporate Gangnam Style into this poor attempt of a song! I wonder if the lawyers are going to get involved soon?

Ek wens jy kan net ophou!

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  • What the f**king f**k is this……
    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry!!!!!!

  • Adrian

    What the fuck?


  • Cindy Clarke

    is this a joke ????

  • Alyssa

    You are all just jelous, get a live and leave other people alone. He is also a person with feelings. I bet all off you are just ugly bullies with no friends. Grow up!!!!

  • Jade

    Cindy you are a joke, I bet your mother don’t even like you.

  • Fox

    You GO ALYSSA & JADE!!! I love the vid and the song.. Dj’s all over SA use other people’s songs and make their own stupid mixes, why can’t he do it! It’s not like he copied the whole song, he used like one line and mixed it with his own song..And good for him for getting all the attention and publicity that all upcoming artists wish for!!!!

  • If you look closely, you can see his IQ points fall out his mouth every time he opens it.

  • Simone

    WTF…..where is this gna b a hit again? @ your local Stadsraad Sokkie or Mandjiedans…..verseker. Otherwise……pleeeeeeeez dont encourage such rediculous behaviour…it was funny to look @, now its over….

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