Google launched their new instant messaging app “Allo” which can be used by both Apple and Android users. Its a mixture of… iMessage, Watsapp and Facebook Messenger with a cool new sticker feature that was made specially for Allo by artists picked by Google. It also has some of the normal features you would expect from any other messaging app like, sending pictures, group chats, and so on.

Google Assistant

A cool new Feature that you get with Allo is Google Assistant. Goggle Assistant can be used in an individual or group chat capacity. Ask Google Assistant a question and it will remember various things specific to you and then answer your questions as accurately as possible. You can find anything from what hotel specials are on…what restaurants are in your area to what the best flight available to NYC is.

You also have the option of liking or disliking the answer. In the case of a dislike, Google Assistant will try and find you a better answer. When you need to ask Google Assistant anything, simply type @google followed by your question or command and they’ll also supply pictures wherever necessary. Using Google Assassinate in your group chatting actually may be more beneficial if you’re arguing over what to do for dinner or where to go out for drinks, you can use Google Assistant as and In-message search… that will solve your late night munchies too!


Picture Recognition.


Google has also added/ icoporated “photo recognition” in the app. In other words, if your friend sends you a picture of that burger they’re eating for lunch, Google will suggest words like… yum, tasty, delicious etc.. so that saves you time typing something out.

“Advanced features”

Text size

While iMessage on iOS 10 has the new feature of animating your texts and drawing or sending personalized illustrations, Allo allow you to set your size to how big or small you would like your text  by sliding the send button to increase or decrease the size.


The new sticker collection is pretty cool, they’re similar to Facebook Messenger in the sense that they are either animated or just regular stationary stickers. These stickers are also specially made for Allo as Google found artists to specially design them for their app.

The one downside is, it can only be used on phones as Google requires your phone number to log in, so using Allo on your tablet and laptop is out of the question.

Even though Watsapp is the unofficial instant messaging leader, Allo with all the added extras might have the potential of taking over all the instant messaging apps and becoming the most used app among smart phone users.

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