Laid In America…swipe left!

Laid In America
Funny In parts Good to see YouTubers taking on movie making. Its short
Poor Acting Lack of plot Too much looking in the camera
5.4Overall Score
Acting 3
Plot 4
Personal Enjoyment5
Reader Rating 1 Vote

Laid in America, follows two foreign exchange students, Jack (Caspar Lee) and Duncan (KSI) on their mission to have sex on their last night in America after they graduate high school.

The Boys want to got to Tucker’s ( Josh Leyva)  party but in order to be invited they need to bring two “hot”girls that don’t go to their school. However, Jack is against this as he wants to hook-up with the girl go his dreams… Kaylee (Madison Iseman ).


These two best friends end up hatching ann elaborate plan out of serious desperation to try and get them into the biggest party of their high school lives. The boys end up downloading this dating app, “blinder” and swipe to find themselves a double date. They meet up with one of the girls they met on the app… this is where the games begin.

Laid in America

Their friendship is seriously tested as they are kidnapped. On they way, they encounter everything from an asian gangster, to an old creepy man who thinks they are uber drivers, to a BDSM sex house all to find two women to go with them to Tuckers party. In order to get what they want, the boys have to work together and overcome all their obstacles.

Laid in America is much like any other “coming of age” teen movie with hardly any plot and, very dumbed down for its viewers. The characters are very atypical… two dorky teenagers in a high school movie without any substance. While I get that this is a low budget movie, the acting was sub par and it was rather poorly made. With the “actors” being youtube stars, they are so used to looking directly into the camera and doing things on the fly that theres no real control over much of the action in the movie.


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