The Eden Experience Presents: Botanic Dreams

The Eden Experience is an exclusive outdoor dance music festival. Boasting some of the best local artists as well as world renowned international artists. The idea and concept of the next edition of The Eden Experience festivals is a simple mix of music and nature. Botanic Dreams has been carefully conceptualised to ensure that everything from the venue to the line-up create a unique experience for the attendees. Zevenwacht Wine Estate is a botanical wonderland. The festival area is surrounded by lush green grass, a stunning lake, massive overhanging trees and bushes.

The line-up has been designed to bring the best artists in South Africa together on one stage including the likes of: Syzo Live (Durban), Dane Stirrat, Chris Jack, Brett Aitken, Chris de Vos, Ikon & Kilopascal, Mark Valsecchi and Koder. Not only does Eden boast a strong and energetic local line up, The Eden Experience team is also bringing down the Brazilian heavyweight Dj/Producer, KRASH. As one of the most impressive acts coming out of Brazil, Diego Rodrigues, the name behind the project KRASH! Has been producing and playing electronic music for 9 years. Having many influences in his sound from New Age to Funky, applying a little bit of everything to his music, and an avid lover of the classic analogue synthesizer and the science of sound in general, Krash is always seeking for the ground-breaking paradigms in techno and house music.

The line-up is nothing without the amazing production and technical team. With Ampere Event Technology behind the production you can expect only the BEST visual and sonic experience at this April’s Botanic Dreams!


Event Details:

Name: The Eden Experience Presents: Botanic Dreams

Venue: Zevenwacht Wine Estate

Date: 8 April 2017

Time: 12 00-00 00


Phase 1 – SOLD OUT
Phase 2 – SOLD OUT
Phase 3 – R320
At Door (If available) – R350


12:00-13:00     Koder
13:00-14:30      Chris De Vos
14:30-16:00     Mark Valsecchi (JHB)
16:00-17:00      IKon & Kilopascal DJ
17:00-18:30      Brett Aitken
18:30-20:00      Syzo Live (DBN)
20:00-21:30      Dane Stirrat
21:30-23:00     Krash Live (BRAZIL)
23:00-CLOSE  Chris Jack


Interview With Dane Stirrat…

What is the biggest stage you would like to play on?
I would say for me personally, it is not about the size of the stage, it is about vibe. I suppose every DJ has the dream to play on BIG stages with massive crowds, but to be honest, some of the best stages (and gigs I have played) haven’t necessarily been the biggest, but the energy from the crowd has been the best part for me. But to answer your question, if I had to choose one, I’d say Ultra Miami would be a treat :p (or as D-sciple – Boom or Ozora Festival)

Does it benefit you being in production as well as the events industry?
I would say it does yes to a certain extent, but I only got into the events industry and production industry through my DJ’ing…so they work hand it hand now. I suppose I’m just a lot more fussy when it comes to sound now cause I know the potential of the rigs we have in CT and the quality of the audio technicians we are lucky enough to have in our city but I feel people are consistently trying to cut corners to save costs and the first thing they cut down on is sound, and for me that really is never the best choice (Subjective views ;0 )

Are there plans for a 2nd stage at Eden?
Maybe some Hip-Hop (hint hint) – There are some things in the pipeline, but one thing at a time…hehe

What can we look forward to at Eden this weekend?
Where do I even begin – for anyone who hasn’t been to Eden before I think the best way to describe it is quality over quantity – we always are trying to break the boundaries of quality production and good service. We ultimately keep our clientele’s best interests at heart and we try and keep our promises of what we market and how we market it. We pride ourselves on setting the bar high when it comes to the quality of the sound, lighting, visual displays, SFX, service etc etc. We cannot wait to showcase all of this over 12 hours this weekend.

Any nerves since you opening up for KRASH! This weekend?
I always get nervous before my sets (I suppose though over the years the nerves have changed from fear to excitement if that makes sense) because I am somewhat of a perfectionist I get an idea in my head of how I would like my set to go and I put a lot of pressure on myself to maintain that standard every set. I have been wanting to have Krash! down for a very long time, so opening for him is going to be an absolute honour!! 

See you on the dance floor!
Yes, thanks guys, see you on saturday!!

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