The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Review

Many of us have been patiently anticipating the release of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and now that it is here I can say with absolute surety that you will not be disappointed. The story of The Hobbit is a fanciful journey where one leaves behind the comfort and routine of everyday life to explore a world beyond what one could ever have imagined. For those of you who did not read the book there is still hope; the story is told in such detail with the help of remarkable characters that bring to life the adventure of a lifetime.


If you have seen the Lord of The Rings you know to expect spectacular scenery and ground breaking special effects. The scenery might be familiar to you as it was filmed in New Zealand and some locations were the same as The Lord of the Rings. That might not seem like a significant detail to most, but it brings continuity to J.R.R Tolkien’s work and although The Hobbit is a separate tale entirely, it is also a prelude to The Lord of the Rings.


The acting is beyond brilliant and the characters are quirky allowing for the humour in the dialogue to be expressed so expertly. The film is long – 169 minutes – so make sure you purchase a large popcorn and soda/slush puppy! You can watch it in 3-D so if you have some 3-D glasses lying around be sure to take them with you. There was much cynicism surrounding the idea of The Hobbit being made in to three films, but I for one cannot wait to see the films that follow.

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Steve Aoki A “Thundering” success?

Ever since I fell in love with No Beef I desperately wanted to be in the presence of the creator of that magical hit. There is something about that particular song that makes me want to move. I figured that whoever produced that must have a number of quality tracks and I was right. Ever since then I have been enthralled by his music and crazy stage antics. Although, I will always love my bubble-gum pop I feel as though I have stumbled upon a whole new world…

When I heard that Steve Aoki was going to be in South Africa I made sure that I got my hands on some tickets. All jobs have their perks and one of the perks of mine is that I am able to attend some brilliant events. The Steve Aoki concert just happened to be one of those events. With all the excitement it is possible that perhaps I had these great expectations and when you have expectations it is easy to be let down.

First of all, you cannot blame the organiser’s for the people who attend the event. What I can say is that you stand in a line and wait your turn; you do not shove through people and try to walk over them. That goes for entering the venue, standing in line for drinks and standing in line for the bathroom. We are all going to end up at the same place. What I can blame the organiser’s for is not organising a designated media VIP area. Drinks were extremely over-priced with a Double Vodka and Red Bull costing R64! When you have a captive market you are practically milking them. The sound…well, it’s Thunder City! As far as the venue is concerned, I have to say that it kind of works even though the sound quality was not the best.

Now that we have the sour grapes out of the way I can tell you that while I was a little let down the redeeming factor was that he played my song. That is correct; MY SONG. I got to dance to No Beef while Steve Aoki stood on stage doing his thing. He may have played a few of his less mainstream songs during his set, but it was as if he had heard my little prayer. I have watched a few of his videos and how crazy he can be on stage and what I saw was bubbly being popped and poured all over; cake be thrown on to people and finally, the epic stage dive in to the blow up boat. I have respect for the man. He played a set in Durban earlier that evening and headed back to Cape Town to show us a good time.


All in all it was good night. No, it was a great night.

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Googles Year In Review

Google has just launched their Zeitgeist video of the year 2012. Feel free to add a comment (below) with a link to moments which you would have included…

Hed Kandi – Kandies Review

Don’t be fooled by the candy wrapper styled packaging. These earphones are the panda bears of the in-ear world of earphones. Unpackage these bad-boys and hook them up to whatever it is you’re rocking – iPhone, iPad, iPod, anything – and start off on low or half volume, because the Kandies on full power will probably shake loose that long-lost forgotten Bio lesson from school (this was a long time ago for me) and make you remember it.

The female figure on the packet the Kandies come in are quite glam-rock-esque. Pretty cool design. The earphones come in many assorted colours, and are quite affordable so you can buy a few pairs with a choice to mix and match to fit your wardrobe for the day if that is what you’re all about. If you’re the type to want to listen to your music, but aren’t bothered by big name brands or paying what could buy you and your boss lunch for a pair of headphones, then this is for you. Either that or you need to run to a shop to buy some earphones for the plane, you won’t have to fork out half your savings buying earphones.

The Kandies might not look like much, but don’t judge a book by its cover. All the quality is inside. A gold-plated 3.5mm sound jack, awesome grippy rubber cable and comfortable fitting earpieces ensure an above average listening experience. The only down-side to the loudness of the Kandies would be that they aren’t fitted with little rubber earpieces, which means everyone within a 50km radius can hear what you’re listening to. Luckily for them they’ll be listening to good music…whether they like it or not!

In closing, hats off to Hed Kandi for these little rockers. Definite bang for buck here. A recommended buy.

Tech Specs:

– 3.5mm Gold plated jack.

– Sensitivity: 103db.

– Cable length: 1.3m.

This device will set you back: R99

To buy this or for more info, walk (or run) into your nearest

Vodafone Smart Tab 10 Review

Last week I managed to get my hands on the new Vodafone Smart Tab 10 courtesy of Cellucity. In my previous experience with tablets, I have not been utterly impressed besides by the iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab of course. This tablet was none the better.

I currently use a Point Of View Mobii Tegra which I bought mid way through last year. The tablet features very similar specs to the Smart Tab 10 (ST10). I will be using the Tegra as a reference point to the Smart Tab 10.

The Tab

When I initially unboxed the ST10, I found the packaging to be very neat an precise which added to the excitement of unleashing the “power” of it. I started it up and was pleasantly surprised at the speed at which it turned on. This is where the “powerful” experience ended. Swiping through the different screens of Android v3.2 was sluggish to say the least but the screen was quite responsive. A little too responsive at times because I consistently had to backspace after typing the wrong thing. Enough moaning from me now, let me tell you a few good things about the ST10. The feel of the tablet in your hand is absolutely amazing. The back of the tablet is coated in a synthetic material which makes gripping it much easier. After messing around on the tablet for a few hours, I decided to take it for a proper test drive and watch a movie on it. I was AMAZED to say the least. The graphics in HD were probably the most crisp I’ve seen since the iPad. The audio was also phenomenal as it did not distort even a little when it was at full volume.

Geek Info

The ST10 is packed with a 800×1280, 16M TFT display which supports up to 10 fingers multi touch. It is powered by a 1.2GHZ Dual Core scorpion processor. It captures pictures via a 5MP camera which also shoots videos in 720p. There is a 2MP secondary front facing camera for video chat or if you just enjoy taking pics of yourself. It has a 16GB internal memory with a microSD expansion slot of up to 32GB.

This device will set you back: R289 PMX24 On MyGig 1 Standard contract

For more info visit:http://www.vodacom.co.za/personal/phonesandpackages/deals/?dealId=906

or walk into your nearest

According to EWN Twitter account, it has been said that Judge Bill Prinsloo ruled in the favour of Opposition to Urban Tolling Alliance (OUTA).

After weeks of public complaints, SANRAL was taken to court by OUTA who opposed the implementation of the new E-Tolling system. The system which was suppose to be implemented on Monday, would see motorists paying a maximum of R550 per month.

In the judgement today, Judge Bill Prinsloo stated that it (E-Toll) is an “extarordinary case” and deserves to be heard in full. The interdiction is effective as of immediately

Source: EWN Twitter and iol

RAMfest 2012 Review

All photos in this post are courtesy of  John-Henry Bartlett

My last trip to The Ostrich Farm left me feeling bored, thirsty and cheated, along with a nose full of dirt. The organisers of what I like to call “SCAMfest” have taken enough flack though. Luckily, my experience of RAMfest last weekend made up for everything, and then some. Unfortunately, being a weeknight and with a major test the next day, I was only able to stay until the end of Netsky’s set.

I’d never experienced a music festival that wasn’t specifically EDM orientated so, naturally, I immediately noticed the bearded, greasy-haired heavy metal junkies and their similar looking girlfriend and wives. It comforted me knowing that no matter how hot I got in my sawed off shorts, white t-shirt and slops, someone else would be suffering under shoulder length hair, leather boots and a black XL Slipknot t-shirt.

Unsurprisingly, I soon realised that no amount of mind-power was going to keep me cool. Just inside the gate I was greeted by a guy trying to sell me a tiny water bottle for R50 that entitled me to free filtered water for the day. To my utter disbelief, the water bottle was made of neither gold nor platinum and didn’t even come with WIFI, so I declined.

Much like that scene on Crematorium from The Chronicles of Riddick, I spent most of the morning and early afternoon hiding from the sun. Regular cold showers under the water drum and a couple drinks eventually gave me the courage to go check out some of the acts. Although I was keener to hang around the electronic, the fan favourites over at the main stage really didn’t disappoint, namely FOKOF and Taxi Violence. I’ll admit I didn’t have a clue who AWOLNATION was until a couple of weeks ago, but I was still eager to see them live. On the other hand, I am a massive Netsky fan so I planned on being at the electronic stage soon before his performance at 18:00. Sadly, AWOLNATION’s performance was well over half an hour late and by the time they came on I was already enjoying some Netsky.

When I first read the line-up I was surprised to see Netsky playing so early but they really couldn’t have chosen a better timeslot; the world’s best liquid funk, Darisson’s feel-good vocals and a typically African sunset; unforgettable.

Right, soppiness aside, in my opinion the entire festival was a resounding success. The organisers got the basics right; great entertainment, good facilities and speedy service but most importantly made a one day event feel like a true music festival. Awesome job guys, see you next year (but hopefully not on a weeknight…).

Joe Bloggs

(Thanks for the photo’s John!!! Check out John’s fanpage HERE)

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