What is ReviewMe?

Founded in 2010, ReviewMe was one of the biggest blogs in South Africa at the time. We have won numerous ARA drinking and driving awards and we have become an extremely reputable source for information. ReviewMe is a website which focuses on a wide variety of reviews to cater for more of a South African market. What makes us so unique is that we have an extremely diverse team from different backgrounds, which aids us in giving the most accurate and best advice and reviews!

Rebrand and Relaunch

From 2012 till 2020, our founder and owner took a break to focus on a number of other projects and ventures which gave him far less time to focus on ReviewMe.

10yrs ago ReviewMe was just a small site run out of a student bedroom but now with the rebrand and relaunch we are looking to take this site to new heights. We have an all new website which allows readers to leave their own reviews and ratings of products and places. This encourages brands to be on top of their game at all times! The new website is also much more user friendly and navigating the site is a breeze! Our new logo is more representative of our brand and what we do and it’s sleek design allows for placement in a number of locations – watch this space!

Where to from here?

Well. we’re just getting started. Expect daily reviews, giveaways, news and much much more! We have big plans, so watch this space!